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Satellite images reveal possible Iranian missile site western Syria


An intel website, namely Image Sat International revealed several satellite images on Wednesday that showed the construction of a missile site in the Tartus Governorate in western Syria, bordering Lebanon to the south.

The first image reveal three hangars with large industrial buildings that are related to surface-to-surface missiles (SSM) manufacturing.

“The compound contains three main hangars, which reminiscent large industrial buildings. If this site is indeed related to SSM manufacturing, it is possible that two hangars include production lines, and the third is for assembly,” Image Sat revealed. “However, there is probably no manufacturing neither assembly of missile engines and warheads in this complex, since protected structures weren’t detected.”

In the second and three tweets released by Image Sat, the satellite images show the missile launchers and a compound that resembles an SSM manufacturing site from Khojir, Iran.

“During the last months, buses and vans were detected in the site entrance within the securely fenced compound. It appears that the workers use buses and vans as in military facility common pattern. Also, a new water tower was recently built,” they claimed.

“Those two findings indicate that the compound is active and under development,” Image Sat added.