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MP says Prime Minister’s performance ‘weak’

Rami Sekeeni

MP Rami al-Sekeeni, from Saariun Alliance, has slammed the weak performance of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, and blamed him for the delay in naming the rest of ministers as he did not propose independent figures.

In remarks, Sekeeni said “Abdul-Mahdi should be brave and use his powers as a prime minister who has the chance to select candidates. Or else, he would wait for the political consensus.”

Sekeeni went on saying that “everyone was awaiting more strict stances by Abdul-Mahdi in rejection of the parties’ intervention, or to threaten resignation in response for hampering him.”

The parliament, according to Sekeeni, “will support whatever measures taken by Abdul-Mahdi in regards with the cabinet formation, if they were on correct basis, especially if he proposed candidates for the vacant positions.”

Last Modified: Tuesday، 12 March 2019 01:27 PM