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Iranians stage 248 protests in February


Despite the oppression carried out by Iran to prevent the protests, the Iranian people are still continuing their protests against the Mullas.

Some reports have revealed about the strongholds of the uprising by  The People's Mojahedin Organization in the country. In February, 71 Iranian cities witnessed no less than 248 protests against the regime, which is almost nine protests daily.

Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the National Council of Resistance, welcomed the protests and urged the people, especially the youth and women, to support the demonstrations.

The Iranian resistance also supported the protests and widely protected them in international events.

The report by The People's Mojahedin Organization said number of protests reached 248 in February.

Workers protest:

In February, 86 protests by workers in 38 cities. An average of three protests were staged daily.

The protests, that month, were due to delay in salaries and insurances as well as other demands that were delayed for a year and half. They were also due to layoffs and living standards.

Protests by “Whose money are stolen” movement

In February, the movement staged 34 protests in eight cities.

Protests by the retired:

The retired people staged 15 protests in three cities.

Protests by the teachers:

Teachers staged 13 protests in 12 cities for not receiving their salaries and other demands.

Students protests:

Students protested 10 times in four cities. Some protested after 11 students were killed. Others protested against the lack of facilities. Others demonstrated against turning the university into barracks.

Farmers protests:

Farmers staged five protests in four cities against the inadequate irrigation of lands,distribution of chemical fertilizers and other demands.


Traders staged five demonstrations for many reasons, most important of which was the soaring prices.

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