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Iraqi court hears testimonies of 14 French ISIS members, transferred to Iraq

ISIS members

The Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council published, Sunday, the confessions of 14 French ISIS fighters who were recently transferred from Syria to Iraq.

The confessions, which were recorded in Baghdad’s Karkh investigative court, in charge of handling terrorism cases, show how the militants traveled to the region and initiated themselves as jihadists.

The terrorists, who are French nationals and some of them of Arab origin, said they received military and religious training in Syria where they joined different jihadist groups before pledging allegiance to the ISIS, the confessions mentioned.

One of the defendants claimed that before traveling to Syria to fight as a jihadist, he worked as a truck driver in France before traveling to Egypt to study Arabic until 2013. There, he said, he met with a friend who was planning to go to Syria to fight and convinced him to join ISIS. As he was fighting on the frontlines, he was injured and then moved to Mosul in Iraq.

Another defendant said he started working as a driver after ending his contract with the French army.  He said he wanted to move to another place, and was attracted to the militant group after researching it on social media networks. He later moved to Belgium to meet a friend who was recruiting members for the jihadist group.

The Iraqi Judiciary Council has confirmed it witnessed the confessions of the 14 defendants. All of them were married in Syria and have children. Some were married multiple times and the whereabouts of their spouses remain undisclosed.

Last Modified: Sunday، 10 March 2019 02:40 PM