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Mosul destabilized amid Iranian intervention, ISIS resurgence

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A Kurdish official in Nineveh province said that the situation in Mosul is currently unstable, adding that 19 terrorists were arrested in a village west of the city.

The movements of ISIS members throughout Mosul have increased recently, which turned the life in Mosul to be tough, said the media official of the Mosul branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

Mosul can be considered a city without a government and without security, said the KDP official, adding that the Iran-backed IMIS has a negative role. He said that ISIS has increased its movements, causing the return of the displaced people to their areas of origin more difficult.

Terror attacks

In February, Iraqi security officials said a bomb exploded in the city of Mosul, killing one person and wounding 24 others.

The terrorist attack took place near Mosul University campus.

A statement from the Iraqi Security Media Unit said the terrorists used a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device for the operation.

There was no immediate claim for the bombing, the latest in a string of attacks along roads and in villages in areas north and west of Baghdad.

ISIS has claimed many of them. Iraq claimed victory over the organization in 2017 after a four-year war.

Five people were killed in a similar car bombing in Mosul last November.

Iranian intervention

Former Governor of Nineveh Province Atheel Al-Nujaifi has called on the international community to intervene and help rid the northern city of Mosul of the influence of Iranian-backed militias.

“The conflict of regional interests in Iraq in general and the city of Mosul in particular has disturbed social peace in the city and turned its components against each other,” Nujaifi said in press remarks.

“The American-Iranian conflict is raging and its arms have cost the city and its people dearly. All of our indicators confirm that we as political actors and civil society are unable to confront the influence of both Washington and Tehran. Therefore we need to involve the international community by internationalizing the case of Mosul in order to impose the Iraqi vision adopted by the people of the city, which are not being taken into consideration,” he said.

“Iranian-backed militias have controlled the city’s capabilities since its liberation from (ISIS) with the aim of achieving financial and political gains by exploiting the security imbalance and their influence in state institutions,” he added.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 05 March 2019 12:28 AM