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Yezidi figure calls on US-led Coalition to rescue captives in Syria

Nadia Mourad

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad has called on the US-led international coalition to defeat ISIS and rescue members of the Yezidi religious minority who are still held by the militant group.

“Thank you SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces] for helping rescue these girls,” Murad tweeted, calling for the "establishment of a task force to rescue Yazidi captives who continue to be held by ISIS."

Since their rise of the group in 2014, ISIS has killed around 5,000 Yezidis and abducted almost 6,500 others. So far, over 3,000 members of the community remain missing. Over the past few weeks, a number of Yezidis were rescued by SDF from the Islamic State’s last stronghold in Baghouz village in Syria before being transported to the northeast of Syria.

“Yazidis are protesting in Sinjar, Baghdad to demand action from the Iraqi gov to help with the rescue of Yazidis that remain in ISIS captivity in Syria. The Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS must have a plan to help rescue Yazidis that are still missing,” Murad posted.

She went on calling for an investigation into the discovery of a mass grave containing the decapitated bodies of dozens of people in Baghouz earlier this week.

“In addition, many captives are thought to be in grave danger as Coalition and local forces proceed to liberate the last pockets of territory controlled by ISIS,” she said. “We therefore call on the Global Coalition to coordinate with the United Nations and local partners to ensure the prompt and thorough investigation of crimes in Baghouz, and elsewhere across Syria.”

Concluding, she said, “So that ISIS members can be brought to justice at the International Criminal Court or other courts that respect international human rights standards.”

Last Modified: Saturday، 02 March 2019 02:34 PM