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New ISIS generations to exist due to political defects: Allawi

Ayad Allawi

Ayad Allawi, leader of the Wataniya coalition in Iraq and former prime minister said that ISIS is not defeated yet, since a third and fourth generation of terrorists will be born.

During his speech at the First Erbil Forum on March 1, Allawi warned that Iraq will be probably suffer from similar events to those in Yemen and Syria.

He also warned against the foreign intervention in the Iraqi domestic affairs, saying that the government of Adil Abd al-Mahdi is not able to stop these interventions.

External interventions

Allawi stressed that the political process in Iraq does not represent all Iraqi factions. He also stressed that Iraq suffers from several serious situations, including the lack of national unity.

He used the opportunity to thank the Kurdistan Region for hosting the displaced people.

During his speech, he announced the formation of a new political entity named "the Iraqi Menbar (Platform)."

The newly-established political entity aims at reforming the regime, building state institutions according to the standards of efficiency and integrity. Allawi warned that the current political environment encourages the presence "of a new generation of ISIS."

Allawi said that the new platform is not a new political party but an entity that hopefully will act in cooperation with associations and federations with a broad popular base.

"The Iraqi Menbar" will not accept the accession of any person representing a sect or clan, Allawi said, adding that it will even reject the membership of any party. The platform welcomes figures that do not represent their parties, or their blocs, or their sects or clans, he continued.

The new political body emphasizes the importance of women, who represent half of society, Allawi said.

The new platform said in a statement that its strategic objectives include reforming the political system and end exclusion, marginalization and sectarianism.

The platform's objectives also include developing the capabilities of young people and paying attention to their basic needs, according to the statement.

"Hollow" policy

Allawi criticized the political process in Iraq, and described it as "hollow," adding that Iraq currently lives in chaos.


Last Modified: Saturday، 02 March 2019 12:28 AM