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ISIS reorganizes itself in Iraq's liberated areas: Peshmerga min.

Acting Peshmerga Minister Karim Sinjari on Friday warned of the resurgence of terrorism in Iraq, saying that militarily defeating ISIS does not mean the end of the terrorism in the country.

During his speech at the first Erbil Forum on Security and Sovereignty in the Middle East, Sinjari said that ISIS elements still exist at all the liberated areas and that they reorganize themselves. He added that the terrorist group is working to find new tactics, and exploit young people to implement its armed operations.

Military operations are not enough to face terrorism, Sinjari said, adding that political crises and economic and social problems must be ended in order to prevent terrorism from resurgence.

The minister added that "after the defeat of a preacher in Iraq, the opportunity to overcome the past and resolve all the problems so that everyone feel reassured and confidence through the application of the Constitution and the law on the contrary, Iraq will be exposed to the emergence of new terrorist groups and then will be unable to eliminate these groups militarily."
Last Modified: Friday، 01 March 2019 09:06 PM