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Did Qatar donate much money to cover up support to Yemeni Houthis?


The Qatari regime decided to donate $27 million for the United Nations humanitarian plan in Yemen to avoid criticism, and cover up its crimes in supporting the Iranian Houthi terrorist militia, and the country's involvement in prolonging the crisis in the country.

Last year, leaked intelligence documents revealed the suspicious support provided by the Qatari regime to the Houthi militias from the beginning of the second millennium, and before the war in Yemen. Qatar then prompted the Houthis to strike Saudi Arabia.

According to Qatari opposition Qatarileaks on Twitter, Yemen's 900 documents have documented Qatar's support for al-Houthi's militia to control Sanaa; the Qatari regime communicated with Hussein Badruddin, the spiritual father of the militias before the outbreak of war in the city of Saada, northwest of Sanaa.

In September, the Iranian-backed militias of Houthi confessed Qatar's support to their crimes in the Gulf state, Alyamanalaraby website published on Friday.

The Houthi militias carried out heinous crimes in Yemen reportedly with the support of Qatar to implement Iran's terrorist plot by taking control of the region, amidst fierce battle in Yemen between the terrorists and Saudi-led Arab coalition.

Spokesman for Qatari opposition said in March last year that Doha was involved in the missile attacks launched by Houthi terrorists against Saudi Arabia. 

Khaled al-Hel said in a tweet that the Qatari opposition stands side by side with "our brothers to fight terrorism and dry its sources".

Arab coalition fighting Houthis in Yemen announced earlier that Saudi air defense system intercepted seven ballistic missiles launched by Houthis, one of them over Riyadh. 

The attacks killed an Egyptian expatriate and wounded two others. 

Qatari media outlets seemingly promoted for the Houthi militias’ perspective. The Qatari-owned network Al Jazeera hosted a Houthi commander few minutes after the attacks. 

The Houthi commander threatened the alliance in support of legitimacy in Yemen.

Yemen's Southern Transitional Council has accused the Qatari government of supporting the Houthi militias in an attempt to destabilize the region, the National reported.

The Aden-based group, whose fighters are battling the Houthis rebels alongside the government troops backed by the Arab Coalition, said Doha was contributing financially to the rebels.

“Qatar has played a very negative role in destabilizing the situation in Yemen by offering the Houthis and other terrorist groups all the support needed to remain alive to serve Iranian agendas, which aim to destabilize the Arab world,” said Salem Thabet Al Oulaqi, an STC spokesman.

Nazar Haytham, director of STC’s Department of Youth, told The National that the Qatari government has been financially contributing to the Houthi group so that “they can buy more weapons”.

“Qatar also provides media support to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthis via their Al Jazeera news channel as well as other networks in Iran and Lebanon,” he said.


Last Modified: Friday، 01 March 2019 11:48 AM