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United Nations says seeks over US$700 mln for humanitarian aid in Iraq

UN aid

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has described 2018 as a ‘year of transition’ for Iraq, as a result of transforming from being a country  gripped by the armed conflict against ISIS until it managed to declare victory in late 2017.

“The year ahead promises to also be complex, but due to several emerging data sets, the humanitarian community has a better grasp of the challenges which it will face in serving the people of Iraq,” said the report entitled “2019 Humanitarian Response Plan”.

“We will seek $701 million to carry out operations falling under three Strategic Objectives: (1) post-conflict transition towards durable solutions; (2) ensuring the centrality of protection; and (3) strengthening contingency planning and preparedness,” it added.

Moreover, the report urged the humanitarian community  “to ensure that minimum standards are maintained, and camps with poor infrastructure in remote locations which host a limited number of families are not efficient or effective at serving the needs of IDPs.”

It also added that the IDP camp consolidation and the transfer of IDPs to larger camps with better service provision—including medical services, schools and improved security arrangements as one of the  goals of humanitarian actors in 2019.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 27 February 2019 02:24 PM