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ISIS plays sectarian card, fawns over Sunnis seeking acceptance

Sheikh Hamid Al-Kartani, a Fallujah dignitary, said on Sunday that ISIS is currently trying to “tickle the feelings of Sunni Iraqis as they seek embracement and acceptance.”

Al-Kartani added in press remarks that the goal behind recent ISIS moves has been exposed, as they are trying to play the sectarian card, but from a different aspect than the past.

He also pointed out that previously, ISIS would not differentiate between Sunni and Shiite citizens, as they used to kill both in case they refused to join them or opposed them.

“What is different now is that the terrorist organization is seeking an incubator that would embrace its existence and movements,” Al-Kartani said.

“Therefore, it tickles the feelings of Sunnis by calling for the release of Sunni abductees, while complicating the political scene at the same time by targeting Shiite citizens,” he added.

Al- Kartani concluded that motives behind such policy became clear to everyone and that no one would respond to this scheme.