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Calls to expel US troops from Iraq attempt to destabilize security - MP

US troops is Iraq

Controversy over the presence of US troops in Iraq is an attempt to destabilize the security situation in the country, said MP Walid al-Sahlani of Fatah Alliance on Saturday.

“The US troops in Iraq play a vital role in providing consultancy and training to the Iraqi soldiers and chiefs,” Sahlani told the press. “Expelling those troops is the first step to lose the security and stability we have finally achieved," he added.


Sahlani pointed out that the agreement between Iraq and US to protect the democracy in Iraq is upon the request of the federal government.

“We believe there is a security agreement that should be respected. The intervention of any foreign troops in Iraq without request of the federal government is a violation to international treaties as well as the UN charter,” he added.

Last Modified: Saturday، 23 February 2019 04:06 PM