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IMIS can lay temporary checkpoints in Kirkuk: commander

The commander of Kirkuk operations, Major General Saad Harith announced on Friday the formation of the headquarters in Kirkuk, saying that  military orders for the forces in the province will be issued by one party, except for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

"We have many forces, such as the Federal Police, the 4th Brigade, the 61st Brigade, the Special Forces, the Counter-Terrorism Forces, and the Popular Popular Struggle," he said in a press statement. In the outskirts of Kirkuk, "noting that" all these forces were collected under one command to provide security and unified information for the province of Kirkuk. "

"The popular popular mobilization will be able to participate in all joint operations, in all areas of Kirkuk, and they can participate in the establishment of temporary checkpoints in the city."
Last Modified: Saturday، 23 February 2019 01:19 AM