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Fatah MP affirms withdrawal of Fayadh from interior ministry candidacy

A Fatah Alliance MP said Wednesday that the alliance has agreed to withdraw its candidate for the interior ministry, Faleh al-Fayadh, after Saairun, who has rejected the candidacy of Fayadh for the post, agreed to support him for the deputy prime minister for security affairs post.

The source said that Fatah has withdrawn Fayadh to maintain its relationship with Saairun and in order for the two parties not to get involved into a political dispute that would obstruct the work of the government and its program to serve citizens.

He affirmed that an official withdrawal of Fayadh will be announced in the coming days, adding that Sherwana al-Waeli, former minister for national security, will replace Fayadh as the interior ministry candidate.


Last Modified: Wednesday، 20 February 2019 11:36 PM