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ISIS could re-emerge in Iraq if some causes remain unresolved: Commander

A senior Canadian official has indicated possibilities of ISIS re-emergence in Iraq if some causes are not resolved.

"The military side can only do so much in Iraq," Colin Keiver, general in charge of Canada's anti-ISIS operations was quoted as saying. "You have got to go after the cause of these grievances, and until you do that this is something that will continue."

Keiver added that he believes that ISIS is attempting to regroup itself in Iraq and Syria.

"I think they know that the dream of the caliphate is dead," he said. "But they are trying very hard to recreate themselves as an insurgency."

He also urged the Iraqi people and their government “to come together in peace in the same way as they came together in war in 2014 to defeat ISIS."

In December 2017, Iraq declared defeating the group, however, some dormant cells are still active in most liberated areas, even conducting terrorist activities against the security forces and civilians.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 20 February 2019 02:23 PM