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Saudi Arabia provided $13bn in support to Yemen since 2014: Arab coalition

Saudi Arabia has provided more than $13 billion in support to Yemen since 2014, said the Arab coalition on Monday.


Spokesperson Turki Al-Maliki said: “We are providing political and humanitarian relief efforts to support the Yemeni people in addition to combating terrorism in Yemen,” , Arab News reported on Monday


Speaking during a weekly press conference in Riyadh, Al-Maliki shed light on a series of successful military operations throughout Yemen said specific military operations continue in Hadramout province, Saada and other Yemeni areas and the coalition “continues to support the ground operations of the Yemeni National Army toward Maran.”


He also said the Iranian-backed Houthi militia have breached the Stockholm agreement more than 1,400 times, reiterating that the Houthi militia continue to fire ballistic missiles and plant land and sea mines and using Yemeni civilians as human shields.


Al-Maliki explained that the “coup” and the absence of a legitimate government led to the rise of terrorist organizations in Yemen.


The coalition presents the proceeds of weapons, drugs and equipment that resulted from its qualitative operations


During his statement, Al-Maliki revealed Houthi attempts to camouflage ballistic missile pads and presented several videos and photographs of military operations targeting Houthi elements and confiscated Iranian-made weapons. 


Al-Maliki added that the Houthi militia have lost about 1,000 fighters during the past two weeks. He also said that the head of the UN monitoring mission in Yemen, Retired Dutch general Patrick Cammaert, witnessed the Houthi militia destroy 30 percent of grain stores.


Al-Maliki added that the Houthis have deployed tanks and military vehicles near schools and residential areas, noting that the coalition is “committed to the security of Yemeni civilians despite the the terrorist militia’s violations of their safety.”


Al-Maliki said the coalition is seeking to eliminate and reduce the military capacity of the Houthis by cooperating with the United Nations and international agencies to support the Yemeni people and restore the legitimate government in Yemen.