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Iranian juvenile at risk of death sentence despite health condition

Prison authorities in Iran has informed the family of a 15-year old man, who was sentenced to death, that their son would be executed soon.

Mohammad Kalhori was sentenced to death, although he was examined by the provincial state medical examiner, who said he was not mentally mature when he allegedly committed murder.


“Unfortunately, Mohammad’s family were informed that the verdict will be carried out soon,” Hassan Aghakhani, Kalhori’s attorney said. “According to the State forensic institution, Mohammed suffers from mental disorder and the medical commission also confirmed that. He was 15 when the murder happened. He is also depressed, but unfortunately his family did not notice it.”


The Criminal Court sentenced him to seven years and paying blood money to the victim’s family, due to his health condition. However, the verdict was overturned following an appeal and apparent letters sent by a Government official and a Member of Parliament.


In 2016, Kalhori was sentenced to death for murdering his teacher in November 2014. .


The United Nations urged Iran in Fo halt executions of juveniles on death row.


Last Modified: Monday، 18 February 2019 04:42 PM