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US says will stop backing SDF, if aligned with Syria’s Assad

The United States said on Sunday it will not support the Kurdish forces in Syria, in case they start to align with the Syrian regime.

"We will continue to train and arm them as long as they remain our partners," Army Lieutenant General Paul LaCamera, the commander of the US-led coalition told Reuters.

He also indicated the tough decisions facing the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as Washington is preparing to pull the US forces out of Syria.

News reports referred that SDF seemed to have began talks with the Syrian regime after the US President Donald Trump previously announced withdrawal of its forces from Syria.

A Turkish operation again the Kurds in the region is expected as Turkey considers SDF as an extension of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PKK), tagged by Ankara as a terrorist group.

Last Modified: Monday، 18 February 2019 12:15 PM