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Israel threatens to attack Iran-backed militia in Iraq

Observers have warned against the threats announced by the Israeli military intelligence that “Iran may use Iraq as a launching pad to target Israel, which would call for a response from Tel Aviv.”

“Israeli airstrikes against Iranian forces in Syria may prompt Iranians to build military and missile facilities,” it said in its annual assessment. “This situation will require Israel to intensify its intelligence efforts in Iraq, with the possibility of taking operational steps there if Iranian proliferation becomes a military threat.”

Iraq cannot afford and should not defend these mercenaries because their existence in Iraq is illegal in this first place and is considered an offence to the country, as they cause a state of chaos and instability.

Experts revealed that Tel Aviv has prepared a list of around 70 to 100 targets of militias in Iraq, stressing that any strike would cost a lot.

According to the assessment, Iran may take “provocative steps” in the nuclear field in an attempt to force the international community to lift economic sanctions imposed on it.

U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo during his latest visit to Iraq informed Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi that Israel was poised to attack the IMIS in western Iraq, and that Washington would not act to prevent this unless Iraq did not acquiesce to US demands regarding dissolving the PMF.

Pompeo noted that though Iran had withdrawn its troops from Syria, its allies were still deployed in al-Anbar and western Mosul. These troops are mobilized and trained in Iraq, and are now spreading along the Iraqi–Syrian border. The White House is worried that this will result in shifting the balance of power in favor of Iran.

Sources said the U.S. still won’t allow Israel to strike targets in Iraq, however, it will not be able to do that forever, especially that everyone realized the danger of the IMIS and that Israel is close to strike the Iranian militias.