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US-led Coalition presence in Iraq necessary for fighting ISIS: MP

MP Yehia Ghazi

MP Yehia Ghazi, representing Anbar, has said chasing ISIS through the western desert requires intervention from the US-led Coalition troops in Iraq.

In press remarks, Ghazi said the challenges facing Anbar are due to the presence of ISIS militants in many places. He urged legalizing the presence of the Coalition troops in Iraq through international treaties in a way that guarantees Iraq’s sovereignty.

On Tuesday, Patrick Shanahan, the acting secretary of defense, paid a visit to Baghdad, during which he assured Iraqi leaders that the U.S. will stick to its limited military role in Iraq, a message aimed at recent talk by some Iraqi politicians of forcing a U.S. troop withdrawal.

During talks with Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi, Shanahan stressed U.S. respect for Iraqi sovereignty.

"I wanted to make clear to him (Abd al-Mahdi) that we recognize our role," Shanahan told reporters later after he flew to Brussels, Belgium. "We understand that we're there by invitation, and that we jointly share the resources and that we clearly recognize their sovereignty."

Last Modified: Wednesday، 13 February 2019 02:36 PM