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Political parties' offices having unlicensed weapons to be closed: MP

Parliament's defense and security committee member Ahmed al-Asadi said on Tuesday that the campaign to close the fake IMIS offices will also target the headquarters of political parties, which possess unlicensed weapons in various Iraqi provinces including those liberated from ISIS.

Asadi underscored the necessity to close the fake IMIS offices, describing it as "a very important step." He also asserted that some IMIS elements have distorted the image of IMIS as they have extorted people of Baghdad.

Iran-backed IMIS forces released a statement on Thursday saying that its fighters had closed four offices pretending to belong to the militias in the Karrada district of central Baghdad.

The statement also indicated that among the offices were two who claimed they belong to the IMIS's 40th Brigade and the headquarters of the so-called Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade administered by Sheikh Aws al-Khafaji located in the center of Karrada.

The group noted that its security unit “tried to shut down the unauthorized office, but those who were present there stopped us from doing so, and disciplinary action had to be taken against them.”

The IMIS's 40th Brigade is accused of assaulting a Kurdish judge and his driver earlier in February.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 12 February 2019 09:32 PM