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Revealed: Khafaji arrested after argument with IMIS member

Gaith Tamimi

Political Analyst Ghaith al-Tamimi has attributed the arrest of Aws al-Khafaji, IMIS leader, to an argument with a member of the militias.

In remarks on Tuesday, Tamimi said that relieving former Interior Minister Qassim al-Aaraji from duty was due to appling law and arresting the murderer of Babylon passports department chief.

He also added that Iran’s Qassim Suleimani hampered appointing him in the current cabinet.

Regarding Khafaji’s arrest, Tamimi indicated old background for the issue.
On Thursday, IMIS announced the arrest of Khafaji, as he refused to close the headquarter he was heading.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 12 February 2019 02:00 PM