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Maryam Rajavi inspires protesters in Paris, gives speech on people’s uprising

Maryam Rajavi

Maryam Rajavi, leader of the People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK), has delivered a message on Friday, as several thousand of the Iranian diaspora in Paris protested against the mullahs on the 40th anniversary of the Iranian regime.

“You convey the cries of all Iranians against tyranny and dependence. You are the voice of all Iranians who call for the overthrow of the clerical regime and demand the establishment of a republic, based on democracy and separation of religion and state. From here, we would send our warmest greetings to the protesters in Iran, to the freedom fighters of the resistance units, and the standard bearers of freedom all across the nation.” Rajavi said.

She also paid tribute to those who led the anti-monarchic revolution in 1979. “On the anniversary of the Iranian people’s anti-monarchic revolution, I pay tribute to all the trailblazers and leaders of that great revolution, particularly to Mohammad Hanifnejad, Saeid Mohsen and Ali Asghar Badizadegan, to Massoud Ahmadzadeh, Pouyan, Bijan Jazani, and Shokrollah Paknejad.”

She also hailed the uprising by the Iranian people,  which began in December 2017, saying that now was the time to overthrow the regime. “With the overthrow of the Shah’s corrupt dictatorship and his regime of torture, his true successors, namely Khomeini and Khamenei, took over the helms. Our people faced a whirlpool of horror and darkness which they had to go through in order to achieve freedom… Today, we are hopeful and we can see the signs of victory culminated in the uprisings and protests throughout the past year,” Rajavi said.

She also urged the international community to respect the Iranian people’s fight for freedom and recognise their goal of liberating Iran. “Western governments bear double responsibility in this regard because they have had a role in preserving this regime particularly in the past two decades. The policy of appeasement offered countless opportunities for the survival of the regime, especially as through obstruction of the road to change in Iran by cracking down on the Iranian Resistance, blacklisting it, and restricting it.”

Rajavi concluded saying “The Iranian people and Resistance do not want this regime to have any bullets, or sell any barrel of oil, or spend a single dollar of the Iranian nation’s wealth on suppression and terrorism. The objective of the Iranian people and their Resistance is to overthrow the regime in its entirety. The goal is freedom, democracy, and the sovereignty of our people’s republic.”

The protesters held posters of the group leader Maryam Rajavi and the founder Massoud Rajavi, who had not been seen since 2003 in Iraq, where the MEK once had a camp and waged war against Iran.

MEK based its headquarters outside Paris, while several thousand members are based in Albania. Supporters are scattered elsewhere as part of the Iranian diaspora.

Tight security measures were taken during the rally and march through Paris’ Left Bank. Last year, the group’s annual rally was the target of an alleged Iranian government bomb plot, which was foiled by arrests.

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