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IMIS say Aws al-Khafaji to be released within few days

Aws Khafaji

The Iran Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) have revealed about the latest developments with the arrest of Aws al-Khafaji, commander of the Abul Fadl al-Abbas militia, in central Baghdad, saying he could be released within the coming few days.

“The judiciary has been reviewing Aws al-Khafaji’s case since Sunday. He will be released within the coming few days, in case no other complaints were filed against him,” Mou’in al-Kadhimi, an IMIS leader, said in press statements. “IMIS did not file complaints against Khafaji.”

Earlier on Monday, Kadhimi said the closure of the ‘fake’ headquarters, which claims affiliation to IMIS, came upon instructions from Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi. He also indicated that 100 other headquarters will be closed soon.

Kadhimi went on saying that IMIS sorted, last year, the headquarters which claimed affiliation to it and warned those who run it. “Some were closed, while others were not. Some removed IMIS name and flag.”

The recent closures, according to Kadhimi, “were in cooperation between IMIS and the security troops upon instructions from Abdul-Mahdi.”

On Thursday, IMIS announced the arrest of Khafaji, as he refused to close the headquarter he was heading.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 12 February 2019 11:17 AM