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Know about Najaf Sea, efforts to drain it

najaf sea

Najaf Sea is considered a prominent geomorphological phenomenon in Najaf. It is a shallow that lies in the dividing border between the stable pavement (al-salman ring) and unstable pavement (alluvial ring).

The area is penetrated by three faults which are divided according to direction, in addition to the folds which are attribute of geographical area.

The length of the sea is 40 km, width is 19 km and Area is 336 km. It is 15 km far from Najaf westward. It is a tectonic depression expanded by weatherization.

Thus, Najaf Sea is a depressed area, composed of a lake or marsh-like area with limited cultivated orchards beyond and surrounded by vast desert or semi desert areas.

The tentative list of the biodiversity (plants and vertebrates) of Najaf Sea depression is found to comprise 104 vertebrate species including 2 fishes, 14 reptiles, 73 resident and migratory birds and 15 mammals.

Draining Najaf Sea is believed to be dating back to the time of Alexander the Great, who tried to dry it to revive his land and use it for agricultural production, through creating a dam between Babil River and Najaf Sea to prevent the arrival of flood waters.

However, the rive did not completely dry until 1240 AH.

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