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US troops enter Anbar province, likely coming from Syria: Source

us troops
US troops

Huge US military convoy entered Anbar province on Saturday, west of Iraq, a security source said adding that they are likely coming from Syria.

“US military convoy was seen today, riding Hummer cars, carrying guns and armored vehicles, while entering Anbar province from the western side,” the source said.


“They headed toward Ain al-Assad base, where the troops are deployed," the source added.

The source expressed the people’s welcome to the US presence.

In related news, a local source from the province said the US troops embarked on surveillance mission at the kilo 60 region, west of Anbar.

“US troops, equipped were with different kinds of weapons and under cover of air force, surveilled the kilo 60 region in Rutba, without the reasons being known,” the source said in remarks.

The US warplanes, according to the source, “intensified its mission on borders with Syria, coinciding with movements by their troops at the desert regions near to Qaim border exit.

Last Modified: Saturday، 09 February 2019 07:24 PM