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IMIS arrests leader of Al-Abbas Brigade for criticizing Tehran policies in Iraq

Aws al-Khafaji's office after being stormed by IMIS fighters. Source: Social Media
The Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS) arrested late on Thursday Aws al-Khafaji, leader of the Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade, after criticizing Iran’s policies in Iraq.

A group of armed IMIS militants stormed the headquarters of the brigade in the Karrada district, an upper-middle-class district of the city of Baghdad, and captured Khafaji.

Khafaji has been criticizing Tehran’s policies in Iraq and always voiced disapproval of clerics and leaders who defend and support Iran’s interference in the Iraqi affairs.

He has also been stressing that the sovereignty of Iraq must be preserved and respected.

This comes days after Iraqi novelist and poet Alaa Mashzoub was assassinated in Karbala for his writings that criticized Iran’s policies in the region and the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei.

After the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, Khafaji founded Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas Brigade. It is named after the nickname of Al-Abbas ibn Ali, son of Imam Ali.

The group was formed to defend the Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque and other Shia holy sites in Syria. It rose in prominence in reaction to the desecration of various shrines, heritage sites, and places of worship by rebels during the Syrian civil war and subsequently collaborated with the Syrian Army.

The al-Abbas Bridge reportedly took part in the 2018 Southern Syria offensive in support of government troops.

Last Modified: Friday، 08 February 2019 03:51 PM