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Allawi: Foreign troops in Iraq should be “under clear agreements”


Iyad Allawi, head of the Al-Wataniya Coalition, said that presence of foreign troops on Iraqi lands should be within clear agreements and approval of parliament, rejecting all forms of intervention within local affairs.

“We totally refuse all policies of regional seizure and all forms of intervention in local affairs,” Allawi said in a tweet.

“The presence of foreign troops in Iraq should be under clear agreements and approval of parliament,” he added.

Stances of officials were different regarding recent remarks by US President Donald Trump about Ain al-Assad base and monitoring Iran through it. Political parties rejected the remarks and considered it as a violation against the constitution.


However, no remarks were made by the government. Iraqi President Barham Salih said the US presence comes within legal contexts and bilateral agreements. He indicated waiting for declaration from Washington about the number and mission of the US personnel.


Last Modified: Tuesday، 05 February 2019 03:05 PM