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Amnesty reveals violations by Qatar against workers ahead of World Cup


Amnesty International has warned that Qatar risks violating the promises it made to confront the wide abuse of foreign workers ahead of the beginning of the 2022 World Cup.

“Time is running out if the Qatari authorities want to deliver a legacy we can all cheer - a labour system that ends the abuse and misery inflicted upon so many migrant workers every day,” said Stephen Cockburn, Deputy Director of Global Issues at Amnesty International.

Although the report focuses on the situation of two million foreign workers in Qatar, not only 30,000 workers who directly works in preparations of the infrastructure, Amnesty International believes that FIFA has “responsibility” regarding the protection against the mistreatment.

The report also urged Qatar to enhance and apply social laws, raising the minimum rate of wages and stopping the practices by some business owners who possess their passports.

It also called for “fully abolish the abusive kafala sponsorship system which, despite a few recent changes, continues to tie workers to unscrupulous employers for up to five years.”

The organization also called for providing better protection for the domestic workers, estimated at 175,000.

Last Modified: Tuesday، 05 February 2019 12:46 PM