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Iraq restores over 1,300 looted artifacts from Jordan

Iraqi Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Abdulameerr al-Hamadani, gives a press conference at the Iraq National Museum. (AP)

Ancient artifacts looted from Iraq have been restored as smugglers were caught with more than 1,300 invaluable items.

“Iraqi heritage has suffered a lot during the last decades in terms of looting and destruction. And we believe that protecting Iraqi heritage is a global task because it's the heritage of all humankind,” Iraqi Culture Minister Abdul-Ameer al-Hamadani was quoted saying.

Hamadani urged the international community to support Iraq in its quest to recover its antiquities.

The artifacts included ancient Sumerian texts, pottery and glass vessels from the Babylonian era. They are now being displayed in the Iraqi museum after Jordan returned them back.

This came after a recent meeting between Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and his Jordanian counterpart Omar Razzaz, upon which the border crossing between the two nations was officially reopened after a deal signed between them to boost trade.

Last Modified: Monday، 04 February 2019 11:14 AM