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Iraq's Supreme Court dismisses 'baseless' lawsuit against Halbousi


Iraq’s Supreme Court announced on Sunday dismissing the lawsuit filed against Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, saying the lawsuit was not based on an article of the constitution.

The court also dismissed a lawsuit filed against the head of Iraq's Supreme Judicial Council.

In a separate case, Iraqi Decision Alliance MP Talal al-Zobaie issued a lawsuit against Halbousi, asserting that the session during which the latter was chosen as the country's new Parliament Speaker late in 2018 contained legal violations.

In December, Zobaie said he will not withdraw the lawsuit against Halbousi, saying that the issue is not personal or political.

However, in the same month, the Supreme Court confirmed the legality and constitutionality of the session that witnessed Halbousi's election.

Halbousi is believed to be backed by Tehran and Qatar to ensure implementing the two states' malicious plans in Iraq.


Last Modified: Sunday، 03 February 2019 11:50 PM