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As gov't efforts fall short, official calls for funding displaced families

Fadil Abdul Zahra, member of the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR), called on the government to allocate two million Iraqi dinars ($1,679) for each of the displaced families to secure their voluntary return and end displacement crisis.

Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displaced headed by Nofal Mousa announced in January allocating two million dinars to each of the Yazidi girls who managed to escape from ISIS. The money is set to be part of the 2019 fiscal budget.

In December, Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi met with the Nobel Prize laureate, the Yazidi activist Nadia Murad, in Baghdad, a day after Murad received the Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy on behalf of victims of wartime sexual violence.

Murad, a survivor of sex slavery by ISIS was among thousands of women and girls who were captured and forced into sexual slavery by ISIS militants in 2014. She became an activist on behalf of women and girls after escaping and finding refuge in Germany.

Estimates put the global number of Yazidis at around 700,000 people, with the vast majority of them concentrated in northern Iraq, in and around Sinjar.

The Yazidis had been denounced as infidels by al-Qaeda in Iraq, a predecessor of ISIS, which sanctioned their indiscriminate killing.

Islamic militants have trapped up to 40,000 members of Iraq’s minority communities, according to reports, while most of the trapped people are members of the Yazidi religion.

The ministry said in a press statement that "Minister Moussa" during his visit to the district of Talqiv in Nineveh province confirmed that the Yazidis suffered a tragedy and that the ministry will stand with them.

The first half of 2018 marked a turning point in Iraq’s internal displacement crisis. For the first time since 2014, the number of people returning to their area of origin outnumbered the total of those remaining displaced, Reliefweb reported in August.

The majority of the almost two million internally displaced persons or IDPs in Iraq live out of displacement camps, and return numbers have been characterized by variations in regard to the geographic location of both the area of origin as well as the area of displacement.

Officials' promises

Despite Iraqi officials' recent promises to work on returning the displaced Iraqis to their original areas in the country, Deputy Chairman of Iraq High Commission for Human Rights Ali Mizer al-Shamari slammed these promises, describing them as "fake."

In a press statement, Shamari said that the government was not serious about returning displaced people to their liberated areas and has not cared for their severe suffering.

He added that international and local humanitarian organizations have a prominent role in encouraging the displaced citizens to stay in the camps as the aid allocated for them would be stopped once they register to return to homes.

He called on humanitarian organizations to continue their programs for the returnees, "as they are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation."

He also urged the Iraqi government to "fulfill its promises" by speeding up the rehabilitation of liberated areas, compensating the affected people, and handing returnees their financial rights and other essential items.

French loan

In January, Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi praised the French role in lending Iraq €430 million, which is supposed to be in support of the Western Asian country's efforts to reconstruct some of its cities, which were formerly controlled by ISIS.

During his meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in Baghdad, Halbosui lauded France's contribution in the reconstruction of Mosul University and in supporting Iraq's efforts to return the displaced citizens.

In December, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi affirmed during his meeting with Dahuk governor Farhad Atrushi, the importance of ending the problem of displaced people in the province. The province has 21 camps for the displaced, Halbousi added.
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