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Iraq seeks to renovate Yezidi school in Sinjar


The Iraqi government is making attempts to renovate a Yezidi school in Sinjar which is viewed as a symbol for the victims of ISIS genocide, an official was quoted saying on Saturday.

"The Iraqi government has decided to renovate the school, but that school is very significant for us the way it is now as it is an evidence [of ISIS genocide] and it should not be renovated. We want it to stay the way it is," Chato told BasNews.

He added that the Yezidis want to turn the Kocho school into a museum to document for the IS genocide and massacre against the civilians in Sinjar.

Chato added that even if the school is repaired, no changes should be made to certain parts which are considered as documents of the militant group's violence.

In mid-2014, the militant group attacked the province killing and displacing thousands of Yezidis.

Last Modified: Sunday، 03 February 2019 11:22 AM