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Netherlands indicates efforts to cooperate with Kurds in Syria on ISIS women return


Netherlands has indicated efforts seeking options to cooperate with local authorities in Syria for the return of women accused of involvement with ISIS and their children.

The remarks were made by Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus made the comments to Dutch state broadcaster NOS two weeks after a Dutch citizen died in a displacement camp in northern Syria’s Ain al-Issa from an illness, leaving two children behind.

Grapperhaus said he has been in contact with the local authorities to tackle the possibility of returning women associated with ISIS to the Netherlands, however, he did not comment on the deceased woman.

He also added he wanted to find out if the Dutch government could facilitate the relocation of the women and any children with them to a safe area with the help of people “who have power over the camps.”

This is the first time the Dutch government has confirmed it is coordinating with the local administration on the matter.

Last week, a Dutch court called on the government to bring back six of the women and their children.

On Thursday, Co-chair of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), Abdul Hamid al-Muhabash, told Kurdistan 24 that his administration had urged various countries to take back their citizens with connections to ISIS.

“The administration and the Syrian people demand of the states from which these ISIS fighters belong, more than 50 nationalities in all, to judge them according to their constitutions,” he said. This was “because they committed crimes against the Syrian people and killed them, including many civilians and children, and more than 8,000 [SDF] fighters were martyred.”

In December, He said in a previous press conference that, at the last count, 2,622 foreign nationals, “including 584 women and 1,248 children from 46 nationalities,” were being held in camps and prisons under the DAA's control.

Last Modified: Saturday، 02 February 2019 12:46 PM