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IMIS leader urges 'real Iraqi resistance' against foreign powers

Aws Khafaji

Aws al-Khafaji, secretary general of the Abul Fadl al-Abbas brigade, part of the Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS), has said that the resistance against the US presence requires ensuring that all Iraqis are against the troops' presence.

During a TV interview on Thursday, Khafaji said, “The smuggled weapons are for the government. Today we are either with or against the government’s choice.”

He also urged that there should be “real Iraqi resistance to expel any foreign troops.”

Khafaji said that “Iran offered support in return for the Iraqi money. It did not offer support for free.” He expressed astonishment that some factions neglected their national loyalty.

Moreover, he went on to say, “We got enough of the sectarian discourse followed by many factions that restored the lands.”

Meanwhile, observers called on Khafaji to declare a rejecting stance against the Iranian presence in Iraq.

Last Modified: Friday، 01 February 2019 02:49 PM