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New Anti-Corruption Council to target prominent figures: Saairun


Saairun Alliance Parliament Member Riyad al-Masoudi praised the formation of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Council, saying that its job will "involve many risks that threaten the survival of the prime minister in his post."

Masoudi said in a press statement that the government should provide guarantees for the integrity of the work of the Anti-Corruption Council, and not to make it a tool controlled by the prime minister to punish opponents or make personal gains.

He added that the council is assigned to target prominent corrupt figures.


Earlier in January, Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi vowed to combat all forms of corruption in 2019, saying the threat posed by corruption matches that of ISIS.

Speaking at the first meeting the newly formed Supreme Anti-Corruption Council, Abdul Mahdi said the body is designed to bolster state agency for countering corruption.

Abdul Mahdi stated that the objective of the council is to take preventative measures and unify efforts to combat corruption by any party or person, regardless of their post, according to his press office.

He also affirmed that widespread corruption in the country must be brought to an end as it “distorts the image of the state” and its reputation, both locally and internationally.

“We must put an end to it and consider corruption as an enemy, as we have ISIS terrorists.”

Accumulated files

National Wisdom Movement's (Al-Hikma) Mohamed al-Lakash said there are thousands of corruption files accumulated since 2003, including issues against prominent men in the state, which have not been dealt with until now.

Some people used these files in the past for political blackmail and bargaining, Laskash said, adding that the corruption file will be one of the biggest challenging issues to the government of Abdul Mahdi.

Lakash called on Iraq's Supreme Anti-Corruption Council to publish a monthly report in the media, adding that citizens are eager to see the corrupt being handed fair punishment for what they have committed against the Iraqi people.

Corrupt ministers

Abdul Mahdi ordered in January forming a committee consisting of judges, investigators in cooperation with the Commission of Integrity to investigate some ministers who are involved in corruption cases and terrorist acts, a legislative source said.

The parliament members and presidency are moving to dismiss the ministers accused of corruption and terrorism and being part of the banned Baath party, the source said.

One of the ministers has to be addressed by the de-Ba'athification policy, while the second is al-Qaeda member, and the third is wanted by the Integrity Commission over corruption.

The parliament’s service committee has called on the federal government to withdraw Iraqi officials whose names were involved in financial corruption cases, according to a report by the Financial Times.

In a press conference, Hassan al-Yasari, member of the committee, said, “I urge the cabinet and the parliament to withdraw officials who were accused in the case mentioned by Financial Times in November, until all investigations are concluded and announced to the public.”


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