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Talks between US, Iraqi Sunnis confuse pro-Iran militias

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Several news reported ongoing communication between the US and Sunni groups in Iraq aiming to confuse Iraqi Shiite armed militias loyal to Iran, especially after local media broadcast videos and pictures showing US military vehicles roaming around Baghdad and the Sunni provinces.

Iraqis are circulating on social media news reporting that US forces launched operations targeting Shiite armed factions in the territory, as part of the US intention to end Iranian influence in Iraq by targeting militias loyal to Tehran, the report said.

"Some of the reports circulated by the Iraqis are correct, such as bombings targeting the headquarters of the militias, as well as US presence and military activity in the Sunni provinces of the year," reports quoted National Axis Alliance MP Zafir al-Ani as saying.

What is happening is part of the American-Iranian conflict, Ani said. "In [the past], we saw parades of militias in the streets, which raised posters of Khamenei, Khomeini and Soleimani, but now these [parades] are almost over, and these militias [now] move with panic and carefulness," Ani stated.

Ani added that political forces close to Iran are clearly "confused towards the next days and what the future holds."

He stressed that the Americans currently have intensive meetings with a number of local leaders in the Sunni provinces.

Ani did not, however, hide his concern about the possibility of involving the Sunni community in the American-Iranian conflict, pointing out that the Iranians have worked during the previous period to attract some of the sheikhs and figures in the Sunni community through temptations.

As for the changing position of the Sunni community towards the United States, Ani said that some Iraqis say that "the Americans in the days of occupation came by force, but now come at our request, because Iran occupies the country and can only be eliminated by the American presence."

Observers confirmed that Iraq is on the verge of dramatic change over the next few months. It seems that a US decision at the highest level will be issued to change the overall situation in Iraq.

US, Iran Presence in Iraq

Earlier in January, Iraqi research Abdul Qadir al-Nayel said that the US presence in Iraq aims at curbing Iranian influence, adding that Iran has military bases inside the Iraqi territory.

Iran uses Iraq's international road to supply the militias in Syria, which provides clear evidence of the strong Iranian influence in Iraq.

US officials said earlier that about 5,000 troops are in bases inside Iraq. The White House said that the US military presence is about curbing Iran's influence and fighting ISIS.

A poll conducted by The Baghdad Post earlier indicated that a seemingly wide majority of Iraqis favor the existence of US troops in the Iraqi territory to continue their fight against terrorism.



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