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US troops presence in Iraq 'essential': Barzani

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani affirmed the necessity of US troops presence in Iraq to back the local security forces in fighting ISIS.

"We in the Kurdistan Regional Government believe that the presence of US forces in Iraq is essential to help the (Iraqi) security forces as long as ISIS remains in the country," Barzani said in a press conference, affirming that the US presence is "linked to the interest of Iraq."

The KRG wants to seize any opportunity that would put an end to the conflict with Baghdad in various issues based on the Constitution, Barzani said, adding that Erbil and Baghdad have "excellent coordination" on terrorism, which is better than ever before.

Despite the defeat of ISIS, the KRG is still afraid of the terrorist organization's re-emergence in many areas, especially Nineveh and Anbar, Barzani said, adding that "ISIS is not over yet."
Last Modified: Monday، 28 January 2019 12:30 AM