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Amid gov't negligence, corruption, lack of service control situation in Wassit

Since the beginning of July, the central and southern provinces in Iraq have been witnessing protests demanding services like electricity, drinking water, job opportunities and eradication of corruption. Some forms of violence like burning headquarters of political parties occurred.

Hundreds of people from al-Noamaniya in Wassit province protested against the deteriorated services due to the government’s negligence. They blocked the public road of Kut-Baghdad.

Informed source said, “Hundreds of people from Noamaniya, north of Kut, staged a protest due to the deteriorated services in the region, especially the drainage.”

The protest, according to the source, “was scheduled to take place in the city, but was transferred to the crossroads between Kut and Baghdad. It was blocked for one hour to deliver a clear and quick message to officials.”

The city has become in a bad situation “due to the lack of services and hampering of the sewage project, which left negative impact on the city,” the source added, indicating the protesters’ call for enhancing the services.

Moreover, hundreds of people in al-Zubaidiya region, in al-Suwaira town in Wassit, protested outside the electricity department against corruption.

"No, and No for corruption”, “Where is our share of electricity?”, “You sold us to hire your sons?”, “No place for you anymore!”, read the placards that the protesters raised.

Demonstrators from al-Aziziya, al-Dabouni, al-Zubaidiya countryside and al-Shahmiya regions flocked to express solidarity with protesters in al-Zubaidiya.

A protest was staged from the old region, in the center of al-Zubaidiya market, with intellectuals, lawyers and figures from the trade unions on top. The protest then stopped by the police department.

Kadhim Ruwais, an activist, addressed the security troops “You are our sons. We peacefully protest for you to hold the corrupts accountable and achieve our legitimate demands. Be for us. The officials will go, but we will stay.”

The protesters resumed their march toward al-Saa’a region, under high security measures. They were received by heads of the municipality, the provincial council and the services committee of Wassit.

Khalid al-Qureishi, activist, offered some demands in attendance of the coordination committees of northern Wassit. If the demands were not met, the protesters would suspend work at the thermal station.

The demands included “exempting the region from the systemized outage, in accordance with the contract agreed on with Electricity Ministry. Employing people from the region and the province instead of foreigners to reduce the unemployment.

Making permanent contracts for the employees. Establishing hospital to treat those affected by the thermal station. Enacting the law on oil and natural gas. Compensating farmers for not having money to water their lands. Resuming suspended projects at all the provinces.”

By mid-day, the protesters were dispersed.

Observers noted that Wassit suffers lack of services, saying that solutions from authorities in question are not quick, thus protests are renewed.

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