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Iraq summons Turkish envoy in Baghdad, condemns shooting Kurdish protesters


The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has condemned opening fire against civilians in the Kurdistan Region by Turkish troops in the town of Sheladize and summoned Turkey’s envoy in Baghdad.

In a statement, the ministry condemned “Turkish forces opening fire on our citizens in Sheladize, which resulted in the death and injuries of some people.”

It added, “This was followed by Turkish military aircraft flying at low altitudes.”

The Ministry indicated summoning the Turkish Ambassador to Baghdad and sending a note to Ankara demanding such an incident never be repeated in Iraq.

It also stressed the Iraqi government’s strong condemnation of any violations of its security and sovereignty by any country as well as “the use of its territory to threaten the security and safety of any neighboring country.”

On Saturday, hundreds of people in the northern town of Sheladize protested against Turkey’s ongoing bombardment of their villages, in the wake of recent Turkish bombings that left at least four civilians dead.

The protest quickly turned violent as some people setting fire to Turkish military vehicles at a base in Duhok. Two protesters were killed, and 16 more were wounded, according to the health directorate in Sheladize.

Demonstrators in Sheladize, located in the Duhok province’s Amedi region, took to the streets, with signs urging the Turkish military and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) to “take their fight elsewhere.”

On Wednesday, Turkish warplanes heavily shelled the Kurdistan Region’s Amedi border areas, killing four civilians. Two other people are believed to still be missing.

Hundreds of villages along the Turkish-Kurdistan border have been evacuated due to the ongoing violence.

Over the past years, the KRG has repeatedly called on the PKK to stop using the region as a launchpad for its attacks.

Last Modified: Sunday، 27 January 2019 02:50 PM