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Water Ministry says Iran totally blocked water to Iraq

Iraq allocates 229 bn dinars to solve water problems in Basra

The Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources has said the water share provided by Iran and Turkey will not be profuse like in the past.

In press remarks, Minister Gamal al-Adili said, “There are tens of dams in Turkey as well as in Iran, which blocked it river water by 100 percent, which violates all the charters.”

The minister added, “After 2003, we got occupied with cases other than the water resources like the partisan and sectarian conflicts. We lost main projects that we should have worked on. In addition, some powers in the region had a negative influence on Iraq like ISIS, al-Qaeda and others.
“Iraq now has a strong government. We eradicated terrorism and ISIS. We seriously began to pay attention for the projects and the country’s interests, despite being burdened with foreign debts.”

The water shortage in Iraq has resulted in measures such as banning rice planting, which urged farmers to leave their land.

Street protests have been witnessed for months in Basra due to the lack of clean drinking water.

Last Modified: Sunday، 27 January 2019 12:55 PM