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Barzani urges Christians not to leave Iraq

Former president of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani has reiterated his call on Christians and other religious minorities not to leave their ancestral home in Kurdistan and Iraq.

During a meeting with a high-level delegation from the Syriac Orthodox Church, Barzani indicated the peaceful coexistence among religious groups in the Kurdistan Region

Moreover, Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II thanked the people and government of Kurdistan Region for providing Christians with safety when they escaped their homes across Iraq fearing ISIS. He also added that the people of Kurdistan, including Christians, share the same destiny as they have lived together for centuries in peace.

Around two million Iraqis and Syrians escaped their hometowns seeking refuge in the Kurdistan Region under the protection of the Peshmerga forces in mid 2014 when ISIS first occurred.

Despite security and economic challenges it was facing, KRG offered protection to the desperate people against any outside threat.
Last Modified: Saturday، 26 January 2019 03:12 PM