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Parl't committee urges withdrawing officials involved in corruption

iraq parliament

The parliament’s service committee has called on the federal government to withdraw Iraqi officials whose names were involved in financial corruption cases, according to a report by the Financial Times.

In a press conference, Hassan al-Yasari, member of the committee, said, “I urge the cabinet and the parliament to withdraw officials who were accused in the case mentioned by Financial Times in November, until all investigations are concluded and announced to the public.”

Regarding the conflict of France Telecom, Korek and Agility, which included serious information that offends Iraq and its National Communications and Media Commission, Yasari said, “So far we are not informed about the measures taken in this regard, although the executive chief of the commission said he filed a lawsuit against the newspaper and the company which backs such claims."

Yasari also noted that “so far the priorities of this case are unknown. Some are trying to keep it secret. The media did not tackle it due to fears from the commission, which supervises the TV channels.”

He called for holding the general inspector of the commission accountable for not investigating the issue, saying that would be a scandal that affects the international companies that would work in Iraq in the future.

Financial Times had accused Ali al-Khuweildi, general director of the commission, and other officials of corruption cases worth millions of US dollars.

Khuweildi threatened to file a lawsuit against the newspaper inside and outside Iraq as well as against Agility, which provided FT with documents on him.

Last Modified: Friday، 25 January 2019 03:39 PM