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New US sanctions imposed on four Iranian entities in Syria


The recent US sanctions imposed on four entities, affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, came to confirm that Washington insists on confronting the Quds Force and besieging its arms that support it with weapons and money.

According to experts, after striking the brigade in Syria and the recently-imposed sanctions, the arms of the Mullahs are targeted by the US and Israeli fires and sanctions.

The US treasury had announced expanding the list of sanctions against Iran as four entities were included on its blacklist, in addition to two airlines, said to have links with the Revolutionary guards and Mahan airline.

The new sanctions were also imposed on “Fatemiyoun brigade”, “Zeinabiyoun brigade”, both manage operations in Syria with the government troops as well as Qeshm Fars and Flight Travel.

In a statement issued on Thursday, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said “the brutal Iranian regime exploits refugee communities in Iran, deprives them of access to basic services such as education, and uses them as human shields for the Syrian conflict."

Mnuchin added that new package of sanctions are imposed within the ongoing campaign to shut down the illicit networks the regime uses to export terrorism and unrest across the globe.”

The statement added that the two targeted divisions were established to financially support Quds Force.

Mahan Air

Regarding the two airlines, the US Treasury accused them of having links with Mahan Air, on which US sanctions were imposed.
Sources close to the White House said that US President Donald Trump’s administration leads a diplomatic campaign to convince the European allies to ban Iran’s main airlines for taking part in espionage and transferring fighters and militias and weapons to war zones.

Transferring weapons to Syria

Washington Free Beacon quoted US officials saying that the administration want to generalize Germany’s decision on banning Mahan Air to all the Iranian airlines involved in the violations.

Officials described the German decision as diplomatic coup by the prominent US ambassador to Berlin Richard Greenelle, which expands the range of sanctions against Tehran.

Washington urges imposing the ban on Iran’s airlines across the European Union, a step that could be a beat for Tehran that may lead to isolating it internationally, according to US officials.

Efforts by the US ambassador to Berlin prevented Mahan Air from transferring Iranian money to Berlin last year.

US officials, who are aware of the case, said Iran was trying to transfer many airplanes carrying money to Germany, seeking military intervention, including the operations in Syria, support to militias in Yemen and other hotspots. The sources said the amounts were very huge that Iran tried to use many airplanes to transfer its personnel by air, an effort that was suspended lately by senior US officials based in Germany. The officials noted that the next phase of the diplomatic effort of the administration will focus on convincing France and other European countries to impose the ban on Mahan Air, within wide modification of the national security to shut down the illegal financial and Iranian channels of Iran.

Fatemiyoun Division

“Fatemiyoun Division” is composed of the Shiite Afghan refugees, who were persuaded by the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to take part in war in Syria, under slogans of defending the holy sites like Sayyeda Zeinab shrine in Damascus in return for financial support and most important acquiring the Iranian citizenship.

The division was formed by the Afghan Ali Reda Tawasoli, which was killed in late February 2015, during battles in Daraa, south of Syria. The division started as an armed faction affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards in Syria; however, it grew until it became a fighting brigade in late 2012.

Many of the division’s members resorted to Iran as the conflict between Taliban and the Afghan government continued.


Recruiting the fighters of Fatemiyoun Division came through convincing the Shiite Afghans, estimated at around 440,000 refugees. They depended on the financial side, as most of the refugees suffer poverty and deteriorated economic situations. A report by the Aghan RTE government TV said a fighter with the brigade gets around USD 500 monthly.

The recruiting also depended on the spiritual side through the lies of defending the Shiite holy sites, with the Sayyeda Zeinab shrine on top. The prominent Afghan figure Mohamed Asef Mohseni, based in Qom, said fighting in Syria is a must, which triggered the youth of al-Hazara to get engaged in the war in Syria and then the Fatemiyoun division was formed.

The process also depended on convincing the Afghan through the Iranian visa and citizenship.

The division is characterized by its fighters, who belong to one nationality and loyalty to the Iranian supreme leader Khamenei. According to reports posted by Iranian websites, the number of fighters is estimated at 14,000, who were trained by the Revolutionary Guards. They always meet with the commander of Quds Force Qassem Soleimani.

Horrible Crimes

Many reports by rights groups mentioned the wide human rights violations by the division fighters, as those militias burnt houses of one of the districts in Tadmor City in Homs. They also tortured and abducted the original residents, especially in the Sunni regions.

Zeinabiyoun militias

The Pakistani fighters first appeared on the side of the Revolutionary Guards in Syria in 2013. The militias include Shiite Pakistani fighters, who were trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They now fight in Syria.

The division, named after the granddaughter of Prophet Mohamed, mainly works in the Syrian cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Daraa and Hama. Their main mission is protecting the shrines from ISIS attacks, as Iran claims.

Observers note that Iran rely on the poor Shiites across the globe, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan for the sake of expansion and influence in the Middle East and east of Asia.

Experts say that imposing sanctions on the Revolutionary Guards and the militias operating under its umbrella show that the war against Iran and its agents has become direct ahead of a major battle.

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