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Iran accuses Russia of not using air defense during Israeli attacks


Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security in Iran's Shura Council, Hishmatullah Falahit, has accused Russia of suspending its S-300 air defense missile system, coinciding with every Israeli attack against Damascus.

In an interview upon his return from Ankara, Falahit said, “There is a strong criticism against Russia, which if it operated its air defense system, Israel would have not dared to carry out its attack easily.” He indicated clear coordination between Moscow and Tel Aviv while carrying out strikes against Syria.

In other remarks, Falahit also added that he was at one of the attacked sites hours after being carried out. He accused Israel of declaring inaccurate information.

Russia provided Damascus with the S-300 air defense system years after delaying the deal due to Israeli pressures. However, the recent attack carried out against Russian military bases in Syria, which downed an airplane carrying tens of Russian soldiers, urged Moscow to provide Syria with this system. Despite the frequent Israeli attacks against military regions as well as the Damascus International Airport, the system has not been used yet.

Last Modified: Friday، 25 January 2019 12:52 PM