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Parl't fails to pass education, justice ministry candidates


The Iraqi parliament's leadership decided to adjourn the legislative sessions to an unknown time after the parliament was able to pass the budget earlier on Thursday.

The parliament failed to vote on the candidates for the ministries of education and justice as most of the MPs withdrew from the session after the budget law was passed.

The parliament was set to vote on Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi's candidate for the Education Ministry Safana al-Hamdani and the candidate for the Justice Ministry Arkan Qadir, but failed due to disputes over the two candidates.

Abd al-Mahdi was censured for presenting a candidate for the Education Ministry who holds only a bachelor's degree and a modest biography. Former Education Ministry candidate Shaimaa al-Hayali earlier resigned after her brother's alleged ties with ISIS were unfolded.

Abd al-Mahdi said earlier in a document sent to the parliament that he will send names for the defense and interior ministry candidates "within a short time, after exerting efforts to make sure [they] would have the required support from the parliament."


Last Modified: Thursday، 24 January 2019 11:06 PM