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PM inaugurates electricity station, northwest of Baghdad

Abdul Mahdi

Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has inaugurated an electricity station, northwest of Baghdad.

A statement on Wednesday by his media office said “Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi opened today an electricity station, northwest of Baghad.”

The premiere called for “mobilization of all the efforts and capabilities to support success of the reconstruction and development campaign.”

It also indicated the huge sums of money spent on electricity as well as efforts and sacrifices.

Abdul-Mahdi blamed the crisis with electricity on reluctance and poor management.

Although Iraq is ranked as the world's fourth largest oil producer, it is suffering a power crisis. Last summer was challenging, with high temperatures and power cuts.

During the summer, the Iraqi provinces suffered about 12 hours of power cuts.

Iraq produces 15.7 gigawatts of electricity, while 23 gigawatts are required to ensure power is not cut off, which is likely to rise due to continuous increase in demand.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 23 January 2019 02:01 PM