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Mp urges necessity for new projects in Baghdad within state budget

Atwan al-Atwani

MP Atwan al-Atwani, representing the State of Law Coalition, has highlighted importance of including new projects in Baghdad within the state budget.

In a statement by his media office, Atwani indicated his proposal to refuse the voting on the state budget, in case it did not include service projects in Baghdad.

He referred to nine projects that need money to be carried out in Baghdad including the sewage of al-Nahrawan, al-Wihda region, Sabaa al-Bour, Abu Ghraib and others.

Atwani also added that some projects were carried out in those regions but with small allocations, when he used to serve as Baghdad governor. He wanted to complete all of the infrastructure projects, however, the financial need hampered his desire.

He promised the residents of these areas to voice their demands and suffering to the parliament.

Parliament ended the first and second reading on the 2019 state budget after the amendments of the bill were included.

The bill, which was submitted by cabinet to parliament in December, is composed of 52 articles. It is estimated at about 106 trillion Iraqi Dinars. The biggest amount of the revenues comes from exporting the oil at fixed rate of 56 US dollars per barrel, with an export rate of more than 3.8 million barrels daily, 250,000 barrels come from Kurdistan.

Last Modified: Wednesday، 23 January 2019 12:13 PM