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PUK rejects Abd al-Mahdi's candidate for Justice Ministry: Surji

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's Ghayath al-Surji said that his party will voice objection to Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi's new candidate for the Justice Ministry, adding that the PUK was not consulted before the decision.

Surji said that the PUK was not informed in advance about the nomination of al-Qadi Arkan Qadir for the Justice Ministry.

He added the party will reject Qadir, as it already announced earlier nominating Khalid Shawani for the same post.

Abd al-Mahdi sent a document to the parliament speaker on Monday containing the names of new candidates for the two ministries of justice and education.

According to the document, Abd al-Mahdi nominated Qadir for the Justice Ministry and Safana al-Hamadani for the Education Ministry.

Following the announcement, Qadir said he does not belong to any political party and that he continues to serve as an independent figure in the Kirkuk Court of Cassation (Al-Tamyeez). 

Qadir revealed that his candidacy for the post came at the request of Abd al-Mahdi, adding that he is waiting to be granted confidence from the Iraqi parliament.

The parliament is set to vote on the two new candidates on the Wednesday session.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 22 January 2019 08:40 PM