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Parliament to vote on cabinet, budget Wednesday: speaker

Abd al-Mahdi at the parliament
Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halboosi has allocated Wednesday's session to vote on Iraq's federal budget for 2019 FY, and the new ministerial candidates.

A legislative source quoted Halboosi as saying that the Parliament invited Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi to attend Thursday's session to review the government's program, and discuss the completion of the cabinet.

Fatah Alliance Parliament Member Fadil al-Fatlawi said that political blocs have agreed to vote on candidates of the justice and education ministries only, adding that interior and defense ministries voting will be delayed to the next legislative term.

Fatlawi ruled out the possibility that the Parliament will pass the budget law on Wednesday, as the law still needs much amendments, according to him.

Abd al-Mahdi sent a document to the parliament speaker on Monday containing the names of new candidates for the two ministries of justice and education.

According to the document, Abd al-Mahdi nominated Al-Qadi Arkan Qadir for the justice ministry and Safana al-Hamadani for the education ministry.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 22 January 2019 08:08 PM